Why to pay heavy electric bills,
when you can use free solar energy !

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Oliytech Solar's

Solar Power Solutions

Solar systems are well known as a clean and reliable source of energy. To ruduce pollation and preveat our world from the consequences of climate, the unlimited power of the sun must be sed efficiently worldwide. Oliytech solar superior quality photovoltaic modules make your investment in solar systems more attractive.

Domestic And Commercial Lighting

We provide household illumination powered from the sun's renewable energy. The solar cells in the system directly Convert the sun's energy to electricity. This electricity is stored in the battery and used for home lighting Whenever required.

We have also designed and deployed solar pv installations for businesses and industries not only as a reliable backup power, But also as a green and economical source.

Solar Street Lights

Solar streetlight is a stand-alone-solar system consisting of a pole, battery bank photovoltaic module and led Luminaries.

Flash solar lighting system offer an environment friendly and economical option to light up streets, highways, yards, compounds, parks, boundary walls, car parking areas, military and civilian security installations, airports, ports or any public space.

Solar Water Pumps

Solar water pumping systems are used to pump Good amount of water using solar energy. They can be practical solutions in rural areas not connected to an electrical grid.

The electricity from the pv modules is sent directly to the pump, which pumps water through a pipe to where it is needed.

Lifting of Water with the help of any size pump is now possible with the help of solar powered Pumping systems.

Solar Home Inverter (PCU)

  • Hybrid solar inverters with mppt
  • LCD / LED Display Mode
  • Wide Range of PCU’s is available.
  • Rated in wattage
  • Can run inductive load like Refrigerators, washing machines, motors etc.

Solar Emergency Power Pack

  • Solar panel       : 20w
  • Panel cable      : 5mtrs
  • Battery              : 12v 7ah lead - acid
  • Led bulbs          : 6w 100lm
  • Colour of temperature of bulbs 6000-6500k
  • Bulb cable         : 5mtrs
  • Fan(Dc)               :  12 inch

Solar Led Manufacturing Unit

  • All types of Leds are manufactured,
  • Both Ac lights and solar Dc LED lights.
  • From 0.5w upto any wattage.
  • Customized Product also can be produced on demand.